Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Vision From Baha'u'llah...

After a very hard, long day in freezing sub-zero weather dealing with horses, shoveling, getting my ballet studio ready for classes and some hard drives, I came home and after a hot shower went straight to bed more tired than I remember being outside of having a bad flu. Without any request from me, and without any of the typical storminess that my bad dreams or upset stomach dreams have, a crystal clear vision came to my mind. This is an attempt to express it:

As I lay in the fog of sleep a scene fades-in as from a movie, it has real color and sound and feels like the presence of reality. Upon entering this scene I am in a class room of sorts only the very essence of the room is eternity, or rather the room exhibits eons of memory, histories of entire other groups of beings and the learning that has progressed throughout the unfathomable expanse of time - this is the room that is the foundation hall of all created beings. It is a perfect, small class room yet limitless in the thought and perceptions it can relate and recall.

Upon the wall of this room, whose bank of windows look out on the powerful fog that is the ongoing creation, there is a marvelous white board, taller than it is wide, gilded all around and especially at the top with a perfect series of glowing pure gold filaments and the board itself is a perfect white as of a pure marble with a subdued yet beautiful interplay of barely blue veins. This board is written upon with jet-black writing, so black it is as if the ink could itself consume space, and what is written on the board is not man's writing but the writing of the universe, the fundamental knowledge, the base code that any sentient created being builds upon and then makes a language peculiar to their self expressing this base code of the universe and more because in learning of this base code, one has to learn of the existence of the Writer. Upon realizing this I am stunned to see sitting upon a wooden stool balancing on only one leg that doesn't seem to quite touch the floor of this room, a small man. At least, I think he is a man; he has very long dark shimmering hair and it is hard to see him for the hair of his head and his beard.

He does not speak to me so much as he does of the board and the beautiful, amazing and infinite possibilities it holds; he then makes me aware that he knows I am there and tells me that this is how the Revelation works, this is how the whole system works for everyone. Amazed and dumbfounded at this, I am left to just behold the unmitigated splendor of it, knowing that it is not for any man or being to attempt to recreate this reality, only to know that it is there and that journeying into this room and knowing that you are there at the foundation of eternity, existence, future and past, the creation point of evolution and the explanation for evolution because time has to connect points together homogeneously instead of separating them uniquely, this is the whole point to it all. Weapons cannot work here, not even the thought of force can come into play; thinking itself can only be done in the manner that the room will allow, gaining advantage is not possible but gaining knowledge is energetically assisted. As I began to fade away and leave this stupendous scene, he told me the following: "...Any room can be as this room if the beings in it remember these lessons and seek them out for everyone. We are not removed from this room because the room wants it, we are removed from this room because we make ourselves unready for it. Only that which is of this room lasts; any thing else only exists at the impulse, the fancy of the created beings who cannot remember anything that they then create but for a time; the room remembers everything good forever and never tires of teaching."

Unlike normal dreams which are forgotten almost immediately, I have been thinking about this scene for days now and feel blessed to have had so wonderful a vision. May it be of some assistance to you as well.

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