Thursday, July 2, 2009

Gang Growth Directly Caused by Bad Parents

It can't be a mere coincidence that stories such as the one where a family in Tennessee laughed when they were told their 18 year old son, who had been a gang member for a few years, had been showered by AK-47 bullets and was now dead. Not even a Tennessee Williams play can be as dark as this grim reality.

There is always will be disobedient children; but the staggering growth of gangs all across this country - in the hundreds of thousands to be sure - represent two things: 1) ultra violent, completely counter productive values and no life skills in a staggering number of youth and 2) a total lack of parenting skills which is truly negligent and should be criminal. This kind of negligence is so widespread that it totally outpaces the number of "old fashioned" bad kids and is the progenitor of this awful trend.

A truly marvelous social study would be to survey and observe the relation between the gang members of various areas of the U.S. and the nature of the parent relationship, if any, the gang members have. We have an army of totally lost zombies in the prime of their lifes wasting eternity away on such transigent, non-productive behaviors as drugs and "territory protection" which reduces these human beings with 1,000,000,000 neurons into something no better than insects who guard their own nests but have no grasp of a greater reality. We are human and we know we must die but an appreciation of this eternity where your soul will spend all of it's time is so lacking among these zombie youth that only spiritual starvation induced by neglient parents can explain it. If human children can go bad in such numbers all by themselves then as a species we are preparing to self-destruct and go extinct. But in either case, the ultimate result of gang life is extinction at which point no territory or "respect" matters because you are no more.

It could very well be that to really turn the corner on gang proliferation the parents of these zombie youth need to go to jail themselves and stop having more kids they are just going to ignore and then giggle at when another zombie youth turns him or her into mincemeat with an illegal assult weapon. If you can laugh at that you are truly lost and while you might be a homo sapien, your humanity is very much in doubt.

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