Thursday, January 19, 2017

St Louis Has a Nuclear Waste Fire Problem

January 19, 2017

This is definitely not "fake news" but instead news of a sort that is so replete with awful ramifications it would appear all media outlets are simply ignoring it.  Much more worrying, it appears both St Louis, the State of Missouri and the Federal Government are hoping it just goes away somehow.

Just one of the links out there to this story:

Even the Los Angeles Times has covered it:

And yet not a word of this story has shown up anywhere on CNN, on NBC, CBS, ABC, even FoxNews has not, as far as we know, mentioned it.  In fact not even the Drudge Report or ZeroHedge have covered it.  Perhaps no one wants to be guilty of crying wolf over anything with "nuclear" in it's subject line.  But then again, if you aren't going to be very concerned and risk a little egg in the face about an impending nuclear disaster, just what would cause you to get concerned?  Perhaps that mile-wide asteroid coming at us?  Clearly not much else besides a literal end of the world must bother you if that's the case.

Of course, long before any total end of the world, untold human suffering and economic ruin can happen which might prompt at least a little concern.  For instance, the 2,000-plus cases of CANCER that have erupted in the areas immediate to this 'undocumented' nuclear waste dump.  Multiple square miles of private property that are or will be rendered valueless because of radioactive/carcinogenic contamination.  And heaven forbid that fire makes it to all that waste and a big burp of radioactive smoke erupts and billows all across St Louis county and city.

You have to wonder, who is really more dangerous, radical Islamic terrorists trying to get a dirty bomb, or the Federal Government being ridiculously careless and nonchalant about how it disposed of 100,000 TONS of very radioactive isotope laden waste effluent from the production of nuclear weapons.  Evidently if the terrorists don't get you, government stupidity will.  One could be excused for assuming that the Federal Government and State of Missouri would not have played hot potato with General Atomics on passing the buck around on who is responsible for all that huge pile of waste since it was nuclear waste, not just trash from a giant inauguration celebration or agency retirement party.

Forget about any argument over nuclear weapons or nuclear energy.  For one, it is beyond dispute that nuclear weapons saved a lot more lives in World War 2 than they killed (the causality projections for the Japanese mainland invasion were truly apocalyptic for both sides)  and nuclear energy, dirty as it is with all those spent fuel rods, does not make hundreds of thousands of tons of radioactive effluent.  No the real take away here is utter failure of Government to do the only job it is there for in the first place: protect the lives and property of citizens.  Granted the typical politician two-step has happened here, namely that anyone involved in this fiasco back in the 70's and before are now either almost dead or have died and are out of reach of any sort of responsibility blow back.  But current politicians, who are also in government precisely and only to serve the interests of their citizen constituents, are going to be just as negligent and condemnable if this thing gets worse - the radioactive waste plus the organic reaction going on in the waste dump will be mutually combustive if they get to each other - and then you'd have a large portion or all of a major US city rendered uninhabitable.  But perhaps that's OK so long as you maintain your plausible deniability.    

So, Eric Greitens, Donald Trump, Claire McCaskill, Roy Blunt, are any of you paying any attention to this situation?  You want to do something about this besides handing off to and hoping that the EPA (which just caused that huge "accidental" mine waste release in Colorado last year that sterilized an entire mountain river system) can fix it?  Yes, Richard Nixon was then President, he's now dead.  Warren Hearnes was Missouri Governor when the dump happened, he's now dead.  You guys/girls who are alive and in office have the ball now.

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