Sunday, February 24, 2013

Politics is for Fools

Politics seizes on what has already happened in the near or recent past, twists it into a radical or variable agenda item, then stands on it until it's use as an attention getting device is exhausted or it's leverage against anyone else playing this same game is spent. This makes the seized upon variable take on an artificial life of it's own, quite apart from reality and greatly adding to wasted energy -- and quite possibly contributing to greenhouse gas emissions by way of the millions of printed pages of paper documents and billions of server cycles created and used to maintain and disseminate the agenda item. In order to play politics you have to be permanently stuck in the recent past and care more about that leverage against the "other side" than you are with understanding and acting upon reality.

Philosophy is built upon the predictive - it is of no use to philosophize about the past but rather to infer about the future, unless you are a revisionist historian.

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